1st red stag

Submitted by allen on 2/1/00. ( funfisher1@aol.com )

I just got in 2 red stag. Are they harder or any differerent to do than a whitetail. Is there anything i need to do extra or be careful of? Thanks Allen

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Just a small elk

This response submitted by John C on 2/1/00. ( )

Normally they are smaller than most elk we get to do. Do not sweet them. Go after then like you would a deer. John c


This response submitted by A llen on 2/1/00. ( funfisher6@aol.com )

Thanks John

red deer

This response submitted by craig on 2/1/00. ( )

like John said they era like a small elk(same genetics)the two areas different from a normal deer mount that you can find are the pedicals,they are a lot taller and i always glue and pin them to prevent them from dropping.also the mane its a good idea to move or ruffle some of the neck area foward a little so that the main ruffles out more.hope ive helped


This response submitted by Allen on 2/1/00. ( )

Thanks Craig, that helps alot

Re:Red deer

This response submitted by Roland on 2/2/00. ( liardjag@stardate.bc.ca )

John and Craig gave some really good pointers.The only thing I would have to add that while in Europe I learned that Stags always look a little bigger and nicer if you drop their chin a little.Unlike Elk ,they spend quite a bit of time walking around with their antlers elevated.Like Craig said the mane stands quite ruffeled.Other than that,your bases are covered.Good luck.

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