no deer lips

Submitted by Duane A. on 2/9/00. ( )

Hi can someone tell me how I should go about mounting A deer head that I sliped with the raser and cut off the lip under the nose obout1" long. I was thinking of going with an open mouth to hide the mistake but I never did an open mouth befor. will A open mouth hide it. any help I apreshate it. PS.I just want to thank eveyone for the help on this forum I hope I can return the help some day thanks guys and gals

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Getting Lip

This response submitted by Frank on 2/9/00. ( )

Duane as long as you didn't lose any of the hair line you should have no problem making a lip line with sculp-all. You have to make one with an open mouth or closed, depending where you cut it off.

Glue it

This response submitted by Rob on 2/15/00. ( )

I had one that came back from the tannery missing his upper lip. ( about 1.5")I tucked both sides( closed mouth) and super glued the lip line to the mannikin and the lower lip. Then covered and re-built with apoxie-sculpt. Hope this helps.

no lips

This response submitted by shane on 3/22/00. ( )

The problem that you have is not really that big of problem. All that you need to do is stich a piece of black leather to the lip and tuck into jaw with lip tuck tool. If all the hair is there above the lip line. this way the mount will look natural. p.s. HOPE THIS HELPS

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