Stain type for caribou antlers??

Submitted by chad on 2/11/00. ( )

Any suggestions for stain type or method for caribou antlers? I have a set that was in velvet when taken.

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Try the hardware store...

This response submitted by Rusty on 2/12/00. ( )

or your junk paint shelf. I took in a set of 'bou in velvet in the fall and I used Min-wax walnut and red oak stain. I thinned the walnut down to a watery consistency and put a base coat on the antlers. Make this thin and wipe it off. It will enter the cracks and depressions. This alone brings the antlers to life. The red oak stain is used for highlights. My customer and I looked through some reference I had and chose a set of anlters he liked. The red in this 'bou was used for highlights. Remember, lightly on each phase. It's easy to darken but a real pain to take away!

Good luck!


Check this out

This response submitted by Dan on 2/22/00. ( )

Read my post under "caribou antlers" submitted on 2/2.

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