Submitted by ONO on 2/12/00. ( tono793612@aol.com )

I am going to shoot a big boy in two weeks and had a ? on caping it . would tubing it be something that i would want to do or not ???

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This response submitted by deer woman on 2/13/00. ( )

If you plan on mounting it, i suggest a full inscision down the back, as these are some hefty animals! Raw cape is 80-100 pounds green, with the head removed! The hide is so thick green, that its hard to turn it inside out! Although tubing a buffalo can be done, i imagine tanners/furdressers would really rather you split it, as they are so hard to deal with. Sewing and hiding the seam is no problem considering how dense the wool is on these beasties!


This response submitted by ono on 2/14/00. ( )

I planned on going with the full incison but i have heard alot of this tubing stuff and thought that id ask if it be something that i would like to try . i already have fleshed a full hide and what a chore that was .

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