Preserving moose antler.

Submitted by José Sanguino on 2/18/00. ( )

During a recent snowshoe hike I found a moose antler (drop-off), almost completly buried in the snow.
It seems to be a recent drop-off. The color is dark brown/red.

Is there any recommended procedure I should follow to preserve it (boiling, chemical...)?
Will the color be affected by the preserving procedure?
What is expected to happen if I don't do anything?

If I have to boil it, it would be a problem to find a pot big enough for it.

Sorry for the basic questions. Never found an antler before.

Thank you in advance.
José Sanguino

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Don't do any thing

This response submitted by Lars on 2/18/00. ( )

Nothing has to be done


This response submitted by Old Fart on 2/18/00. ( )

The above answer is fine. A little more info will help keep the shed
in good shape. Don't leave the shed exposed to any weather, sun light
and moisture will deteriorate it. Don't finish it with anything like
varnish or shellac, Taxidermists really LOVE that. Maintain it with
Scott's Liquid Gold, I have also heard that you can use WD40, but
I've never tried it.

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