stained antelope

Submitted by Dennis Hartsell on 2/15/00. ( )

I use an old clothes dryer as a hide tumbler,which has a metal drum.My antelope picked up rust stains from the drum in the white hair which makes it look dingy.I have quit using this tumbler,and got most of the stain out but not completely, any suggestions for brightening this hide would be appreciated . The antelope is mounted and dried

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Rust remover by RITT

This response submitted by John C on 2/15/00. ( )

that should do it for you, paint it on with a paint brush


This response submitted by Mike L on 2/15/00. ( )

...comes in a gray bottle and can be found at most grocery stores. CLR is the name and stands for Calcium, Lime, Rust. I use this product on stained feathers and it works well.

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