first boar mount

Submitted by Sean on 2/19/00. ( )

Ok, without loosing any sleep tring to answer this question. I just wanted to know what you use after mounting jaw sets and tring to tuck lips.What do you use to make this trasaction from hide to plaster or what ever the jaws are made of? The cape is tanned if that makes a difference.


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First boar mount

This response submitted by Larry on 2/20/00. ( )

Artificial jaw sets are usually made out of plastic. The transition between the lips and the jaw set is usually made with an epoxy modeling compound like Apoxie Sculpt or Magic-Sculp.


This response submitted by steve on 2/20/00. ( )

pin the lips on the inside of mouth the use scaupal or magic scalp when dry to make smooth


This response submitted by Sean on 2/20/00. ( )

thanks for the simple answers. Thats all I needed.

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