Boar Tusks

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 2/15/00. ( )

Hey Folks....

Have any of you any experience using the actual boar tusks in the Mohr Jawsets??? Do you do just the lowers or the uppers too?? I would appreciate any helpful hints.

Also, any tips for preserving the tusks themselves??

I've used complete jaw sets for the last two years.....but have battled with guilt over not using the actual tusks.

Most of my clients seem to have less than satisfied look when I mention that I use the jaw sets.

Anyway....I would appreciate any thoughts and insights??

Danny Gabbard, Sr.
"His" Creations Taxidermy

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If they want a unique trophy...

This response submitted by Perry on 2/15/00. ( )

Tell them up front that you will be using artificial jaws/tusks. If your
customers want a really neat trophy, have them clean and bleach the
skull. not only can they have the head mount, but the skull with tusks
as well. I think you will find that removal and cleanup of the tusks
is about as time consuming as boiling and bleaching the skull, not to
mention the fact that you run the risk of damaging the tusks when trying
to remove them. price things to guide people to that option.
$375 for a shoulder mount, $75.00 for boiling and cleaning and $500 or
more for a shoulder mount with original tusks. remember after you spend
all that time removing and cleaning the tusks, you have to spend time
fitting them into the jaw set. If the tusks are a big deal, most will
opt for the shoulder mount/skull combo.

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