Repairing caping mistakes

Submitted by T Cramer on 2/20/00. ( )

While splitting lips I made a few holes in the hide just below the lip.Idont know if this will even be seen but would like to know how to Fix it. I also got ahead of myself on the backside of one of the eyes and made a small hole in that dark brown area hwo do I fix that. What the best way to fix a bullet hole in middle of the neck 4 inches below the jaw . Yes the most visible spot to be seen on the mount. P.S. The deer is 95% white.

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Fix That Hole

This response submitted by Mike L on 2/20/00. ( )

While I'd like to give you your answer it's a discussion of length. Plus I'd have questions for you. The current issue of Breakthrough has an article by Gary Bowen on your subject. Their # is 1-800-783-7266. Repairs become easier with experience. Some you actually repair after the mount dries. Hope this helps.....Mike


This response submitted by Sean on 2/20/00. ( )

Hey I'm no expert, but you either got to sew it or pin it up after the cape is already mounted. You can use fishing line to sew up areas that are more visible. If you sew it and you end up hiding it by tucking the lips then good,no harm done. On the neck I would use white thread,something strong. If you would like to see if you can get by with just pinning it , then put it on the manican without any glue and just pull the hide together and pin it. If it looks good then make a decision and go from there. Make sure that the hide is already hydrated before you sew or try to but it on the manican. If you sew then you can try doing this. Turn the hide inside out and using a looping type method go in one side at the edge of the hair and go out the other side at the edge of the hair. Do this over and over until its sewed. Remember to knot you string first creating a big loop so that when you first go in you can go back through the string making a strong beginning knot then do the looping stich. When it sewed make one more stich, cut the strings, and pull one back through and tie the two together. Then you should be through. Hope I've helped . If I just confused you even more then sorry, maybe one of the pro's will make it more clear.

Dental Floss

This response submitted by Joe J. on 2/24/00. ( )

Try using waxed dental floss for sewing holes in hide, especially your white cape. I also use superglue gel and a used fabric softener sheet as backing material to repair small cuts. I've tried using fabric softener sheets that hadn't been run thru the dryer but I guess that stuff on them doesn't allow the glue to adhere well. After they've been thru the dryer the glue sticks better.

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