Problems removing velvet from Caribou antlers

Submitted by Ron Quinn on 2/20/00. ( )

Can anyone give me any suggestions on an easy way to remove velvet from a set of Caribou antlers? I am NOT a taxidermist, so I haven't tried anything yet because I didn't want to do anything foolish and damage the antlers. Some of the velvet around the base of the antlers has fallen off but 99% of it is still on there. The antlers are from Alaska and are three years old. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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This response submitted by jim marsico on 2/24/00. ( )

Take it to a taxidermist and have it done right and do what you do for a living.

Pressure Wash Them

This response submitted by Carmen on 2/28/00. ( )

If you know of anyone who has a 3000psi pressure washer,ask them if you can borrow it for a little while. Or rent one. Or go to your local car wash and blast that velvet off. Good Luck

get a life

This response submitted by taxidermist on 3/17/00. ( )

Hey Jim , calm down, the guy had a legit question. If you feel threatend by Ron trying to do YOUR JOB, sounds like you got some growin up to do. Of coarse im asumeing your a taxidermist. If so your one of those guys that thinks he invented the art of taxidermy,you think your s--t dont stink, and you think your the most awsome thing to come along since pizza and beer. But in the end, the only thing guys like you ever realy acomplish is pissin peaple off, and causing peaple like Ron to dable in the art,and open a shop right next to yours. Peaple like you make me sick.Why couldnt you just answer the question, removeing old velvet does not require a PHD. If your not willing to offer helpfull advise, wich is what this site is for in case you dont know,then keep your coments to yourself.OK KINDERGARTENERS,ALL TOGETHER NOW, IF YOU CANT SAY NUTHIN NICE, DONT SAY NUTHIN AT ALL!

i have found

This response submitted by nick on 3/20/00. ( )

i am only a 21 year old taxidermist from pa but i have killed a few caribou and mounted some as well i would say the best way would be to soak them for a couple day and rehydrate them then use a flat head screwdriver and scrape them it worked for me. the on thing is be carfull not to mark them up too bad also use a little lysal or somthing like that so it does't stink or rot don't be afraid to soak them for a coupple days.
i hope that helps

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