finger nail polish

Submitted by ryan m on 2/21/00. ( )

i have recently used clear finger nail polish on my duck mounts to keep the color so i was wondering if i shpuld use cl. finger nail p on my deer's "big rack" just kidding it is only a little spike with buttons about 1 in would it keep the color

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Finish on Antlers

This response submitted by Brad S. on 2/22/00. ( )

Sorry, I have never heard of your fingernail polish method. I use a Grumbacher laquer spray or you can use an acrylic sealer spray. I use a matt finish. If this is to shinny for you, you can dull it down by rubbing it a little with steel wool. It has worked for me and my customers love it. It also helps protect the rack from dirt and smoke or whatever might come along. I'm sure there are other good ideas out there, but this has worked for me. Good luck Ryan.

No finishes

This response submitted by Dan R on 2/25/00. ( )

You should never,NEVER put any type of sealer on antlers! Just put a little funiture polish on a rag and wipe them down.

In the buff

This response submitted by Leanna on 2/26/00. ( )

I wouln't use the furniture polish either...go natural.

Fingernail polish yellows, cracks and gets brittle with age and the elements. I wouldn't use it on anything but your might not even want to do that!

Boiled Lenceed oil

This response submitted by Jimmy on 2/27/00. ( )

I use boiled lenceed oil it brings out the natural colar in the antlers and makes them look more realistic and not shiney and fake.

use this

This response submitted by terry on 2/28/00. ( )

I use scotts liquid gold polish ,i works like a charm especially on dark antlers,try it !

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