Epidermal slippage on inside of ears

Submitted by Steve A. on 2/22/00. ( )

I just completed mounting a nice mule deer. But there was
quite a bit of hair slippage on the inside of one ear. Is
there any tricks one could use to repair this area? Is there
any way to glue in some longer hair in this area? I turned
the ears back so that this area is not as visible. Thanks for
your help.

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ear heat

This response submitted by b.s.rhea on 2/23/00. ( )

Most likely the reason this happend is heat build up in the ear.Since the ear is thin when the cape thaws the ears thaw first try rolling the ears inside the cape when you freeze they will stay colder longer.Now for repairing the ear you will need some more ear hair any other hair will not blend as well take some ear hair from another deer and glue in with modge podge.Do this in layers and you can achive great results.Hope this helps.

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