0 measurements & caribou ??

Submitted by mike on 2/22/00. ( nybowboy@aol.com )

more ?? on earlier post chance todo caribou I guess i have to rehydrate this to get measurments its been in the freezer for
two yrs can i lay it flat and tape neck&eye to nose accuratly
looks like the cartilage is still in will this come of ok
by the way this is a comm tan i use liquia tan and mount the
same day thats why the ??can i dry the ears off and do my ear liners and put this back in the freezer damp until the form
comes in?are the small mckeinze deer ears ok for this
the more I sit here the more questions i have maybe i should
just stick to whitetails thanks for any and all the HELP.

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This response submitted by Dan on 2/23/00. ( )

Yes, should cover all of your questions. Caribou are just as easy as deer once you have done a couple, good luck

bou questions

This response submitted by jack on 2/23/00. ( jctrudeau@excelonline.com )

there is not a lot of difference from a bou and a whitetail, as far as the tanning process goes. you might find that the bou is even a little thinner skin than a deer. the only real measurement i worry about is the neck. i`ll try to save you some time and money before you start ordering forms. make sure the measurement you take is the same place that the form company takes there measurements. i usually will go an inch smaller if there is any questions. the nose to eye will not be a problem 95% of the time. earliners, im a bondo guy so i won`t go there. however i wouldn`t put deer liners in a caribou,i think they are shaped different enough that trimming them would be quite a task. freezing the cape should be no problem. hope i`ve helped. good luck.

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