Keeping elk skin up against burrs

Submitted by Mark on 2/27/00. ( )

On all my gameheads I wrap galvanized wire through pre-punched holes around the underside of the burrs and twist the wire in the back to pull hide tight. This has worked great on most deer but I have had some problems with it pulling away during drying. Many of the elk have that wave in their burr also that makes it hard to get the skin in those gaps. What kind of steps to some of you take in order to make this hold tight?

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Try this . . .

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 2/27/00. ( )

Hi Mark. To keep the elk hide from pulling on the pedicles, first, I make sure the hide there is thin. Thick hide will pull away much more than thin hide. Second, I use an epoxy putty around the pedicel to fill in for the tissue that was removed by thinning the hide, and third, I position the hide in place after sewing and put drywall screws through the hide and into the bone part of the pedicle. The screws are about 1" apart around the pedicle and about 1/2 " down from the burr of the antler. Don't put the screw in all the way so it can easily be removed after a couple of days. Using this system I have no problems with the hide pulling. Hope this helps. (By he way, if you want to see a MONSTER elk, go to my web site at:

and scroll down about halfway to the link to the 442 bull elk. He's huge!


Jerry S

or this

This response submitted by craig on 2/27/00. ( )

i use a smilar method to jerry,but instead of screws before i put the cape on i drill small holes all the way around the pedical say 2eighth of an inch apart and just below the coranet..then use a good glue,mount your head and make the skin snug around the pedicals.then i take small brass or copper nails and hammer them througth the can then after its dried snip the nails of and punch them in or take them out all together.hope ive helped it works for me.

Smooth out epoxy

This response submitted by John C on 2/27/00. ( )

Most times as you flesh the pedicule area you remove a lot of flesh this needs to be replaced, either epoxy putty of a wrap of buckskin. Now use smooth out to with in 1/2 inch of the antler burr, superglue the skin to the bottom of the antler burr. use the drywall screws as Jerry said. now very easliy work the SMOOTH OUT up the pedicule. Once this stuff sets Superman cant move the skin. John C

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