How do I repair an open Y seam and Reposition Ears?

Submitted by Tony Dingess on 2/27/00. ( )

I have a deer head that is finished, but an ear needs repositioned, and the Y seam needs closed (it is pulled open due to poor thread). Can I soak this part of the mount in a salt-water solution, or can I re-wet this at all? Need suggestions. Hide has been tanned with Lutan-F tan.

Tony Dingess

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Use Rittels super relaxer

This response submitted by John C on 2/27/00. ( )

Dont know if you can but give this stuff a try it works great. Use warm water and place a plastic bog over it. ||I tryied it with a older mount last week and it worked. Watch the clay as it will soften quicker than the hide. John C

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