spoiled skins

Submitted by k mckinney on 2/27/00. ( kcmtaxidermy@aol.com )

hello,im new to this taxidermy thing and i live in south florida.im curious how long skins can be exposed and what temperatures to be concerned with before they spoil? or am i worrying to much?

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Need more info!

This response submitted by Chris on 2/28/00. ( cjbrower@netzero.net )

Your question leaves a lot to be asked. Are you asking about skins that have already been removed from a carcass, or roadkill/shot animals? Bacteria begins to grow at the instant of death. If an animal lies in the sun, in high temperatures, then it may be only a matter of minutes/hours before hair slippage can occur. Hemmorage can shock trauma in the area of a wound only adds to the problem. Skins need to be removed from an animal as soon as possible, cleaned of blood (a great medium for bacteria to grow in), and cooled down as soon as possible. If you're talking about skins that have been frozen, then it may take several hours for the skin to warm up and bacteria begin to grow. Keep in mind that the more you handle and work with a skin, the more warmth is transferred to the skin (and from friction developed by a fleshing machine, etc.), and so the faster you can work, and the less you handle a skin in one area, the less you have to worry about.

Sorry if I'm rambling, but I think you see the picture. If not, e-mail me.


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