2 hydrogen peroxide questions

Submitted by Amanda on 2/28/00. ( amoors@cybertrails.com )

Question 1. Can I use Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (the kind you get at the drug store) to whiten a skull if I leave it in longer (like overnight) than say a 30 or 40 % Peroxide solution?

Question 2. If I can indeed use the 3% solution, how long will it remain viable? I have read posts saying that peroxide is light sensitive, but if I keep it in a closed container in a dark shed, will it stay at the same strength? Will it have bacterial problems (ie will it stink?)

Thanks for all the help in advance!

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This response submitted by perry on 2/29/00. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

That is what and how I use it. You can reduce the amount of perioxide
you need by filling the empty bottles with water and putting the caps
back on tight. place your skull in the peroxide and then add the water
filled bottles until the peroxide displaces over the skull. I do
store the peroxide in a plastic container but only use it for 3 or for
times. It really depends on the specimens.


This response submitted by JJ on 3/6/00. ( )

Overnight will do it just fine. Peroxide will whiten antler burrs as well. If this happens, just dye them back in. lacquer paint and a rag will do it.

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