Removing black buck horns

Submitted by Mark on 2/29/00. ( )

I treated these like ram or antelope horns and soaked them slightly, let them rot a couple of weeks, but am still having trouble freeing them from their base. Any quick release methods?

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This response submitted by RIBOFLAVIN MAN on 3/1/00. ( NO@AOL.COM )



This response submitted by Jeff on 3/1/00. ( )

I let them sit in a sealed plastic bag for roughly two weeks with a cup of water. Then I take a rag & wrap around the base & grab horn with channel locks & twist. They generally pop right off. If not, back in the bag they go.

Thanks Jeff

This response submitted by Mark on 3/6/00. ( )

Your tip worked the first time I tried it. I had already let them rot and just needed to free them off. Thanks much.

removing horns

This response submitted by ann hand on 3/7/00. ( )

Have found best for removing goat, buffalo, bantang, wild
scrub bull, steaming over boiling water in pot. Bring water to boil in large pot, suspend skull with horns over water, cover if possible with old towel to keep steam down around horns, try after 30mins or so. Don't put right into water as it discolours.

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