Bear open mouth experts needed

Submitted by Dan on 3/2/00. ( )

I'm in the process of doing a bear rug with an open mouth and am curious as to what the pro's out there use for sculpting around the jawset. I have tried allgame and magic sculpt with varying degrees of success,I seem to have a problem with getting it as smooth as I would like it. And also do you have to sculpt in the whole inside of the mouth or just around the jawset, I know that you should sculpt the detail in the lip area but should you cover every ounce of exposed foam clear back to the throat area.Want to do the best possible job that I can do. Your help would be much appreciated, Thanks Dan

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Bear open mouth.....

This response submitted by Larry on 3/2/00. ( )

This applies to all open mouth work, not just on bears. I use an epoxy modeling compound like you do, i.e., Magic Sculp, Apoxy Sculpt, etc. To do the job correctly, you should cover all exposed areas of the mannikin foam. You can sculpt using wet modeling tools, paint brushes or a finger. With a little practice, you should be able to obtain a very smooth finish that feathers out to both the hide and the jaw set. Practice makes perfect. I use a wet flat type paint brush to do the sculpting and smoothing at the back of the mouth, and in other areas you can't get to with a finger. After the epoxy modeling compound cures, paint Mold Builder (a liquid latex) over the teeth, and let it dry. It will act as a painting mask. When you're through painting the inside of the mouth, pick/peel off the latex. Hope this helps.

try this

This response submitted by *** on 3/2/00. ( )

Buckeye Mannikins makes a real time saver as well as anatomically accurate part called a jaw cup. It replaces the whole inner mouth, teeth, lips, etc. Its easy, too.

try buckeye mannikins

This response submitted by ??? on 3/3/00. ( )

try this said it all. buckeye mannikins jaw set is the only wat to go


This response submitted by al on 3/6/00. ( )

In response to your question and to other
replys....hands down buckeye makes a great mouth cup, its not cheap , great never is...

I would use nothing else since nothing compares... and I dont work for them!!!!
have fun ,


This response submitted by Elmer on 4/2/00. ( )

Buckeye will make your customers eyes glisten and save you time,
and time is something we all don,t have enough of.

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