Angora Goat?

Submitted by Rob on 3/6/00. ( )

Just got in my first Angora. The guide of the guy who shot it said that the horns don't need to be boiled off because there are no cores inside. Is this true?Thanks

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This response submitted by Jerry S. on 3/7/00. ( )

The guy who shot it doesn't know what he is talking about! The horns definitely need to come off and the insides cleaned out! Jerry S.


This response submitted by Rob on 3/8/00. ( )

Thanks for the reply. I thought that was the case. Again Thanks

Don't Boil Them

This response submitted by Dave on 3/17/00. ( )

Don't boil them or they will discolor. Seal them up in a plastic garbage bag and let them sit around for about a week. When you start to smell them.....they will come off with just a quick twist or a subtle smack with a mallet.

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