Is this a good tan?

Submitted by Rookie on 3/7/00. ( )

OK....I have read all that is said about tanning and I'm kind of confused.I will describe my method and I would like some input ifit's OK. I mount about 10 deer heads a year as a hobby only. My mounts look exellent and I'm told I can be compared with the best of them.This is very reassuring but I feel that i may be missing the proper way to tan.
I do the following.........
1-skin , flesh throughly , measure
2- salt heavyly (6 lbs) at least two days
3- rinse in 5 gallon pail- water and dish soap
4- 5 lb salt again and freeze (order supplies)
5- thaw,wash again,skife lips and eyes again,apply LIQUA-TAN and leave for overnite
6- towel off excess,then mount
7- finish in a month after drying
This seems to work well for me and the mounts I have done 8 years ago a fine. I am using this method because this is what i Learned on a video that I bought from a Canadian Company. What do you think....???

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Where's your pickle?

This response submitted by Wayne S. on 3/7/00. ( hbtaxidermy@etinternet )

Where's your pickling process? Pickling is an important
part of tanning. Pickling plumps and conditions the cape and
prepares it to be shaved and tanned. You can use formic acid
saftee acid,citric acid,etc. Your results will be better by
shaving your capes getting them thin and even. Shows more
detail and is easier to mount. AS far as being compared to
the best,it's according to whom is considered the best that they
are comparing you to. Do your best work,no shortcuts, and you
can be the best in your own mind. That's all that matters!!!!

I will list the steps I take

This response submitted by Todd B on 3/7/00. ( )

1. Measure eye to nose, tip of nose to tip of left and right antler,
also tip of nose to the base of antler burrs.
2. Measure eye size.
3. Skin the deer.
4. Remove all large hunks of flesh. Turn the ears eyes and nostrils.
measure the neck measurement2 inches below ears.
5. Salt evenly. Let sit for 24 hours on a tilted surface. Shake
off old salt and resalt. I let the skin get flint dry. There is no
need to refreeze. The salt will not let it freeze anyhow.
I then rehydrate the skin and wash it with Dawn dish soap. Soak the skin in a
pickle bath of Oxcalic acid, Making sure to keep a ph of 2.
After 24 hours I shave the hide an even thickness, neutralize the acid
and then tan the skin. I then measure the neck size again and then order my form.

Todd B


This response submitted by Mark on 3/9/00. ( )

Your tan that your useing is working great for you as you
can see. What you need to do is just dry salt the skins no
need to freeze. once your supplies come in then you can rehydrate
the skins and you should add a pickle method of some sort.
You can do a salt and PRE TAN pickle for 4 to 6 hours flesh
and tan with LIQUA TAN. As well you can use a Acid pickle if
you like. LIQUA TAN is compatible with any acid, and gives you
the greatest lasting skin. Once you do an acid pickle and shave
your skin you can finish out in the pickle and then neutralize.
rinse in plain water and then ring it out and hang to drain,
for about 2-3 hours and then heat up your LIQUA TAN and apply
the tan as you normally would. If you or anyone would like a
free technical booklet you can get me your address and I will
be glad to send you one, it has all of the procedures that you
can use with LIQUA TAN. Swabbing oils that you can follow it
with. I have 28 dealers. WASCO here can help out a lot as well.

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