Eye Horn

Submitted by Jeff on 3/16/00. ( )

Have you seen this new tool. It protects the eyes while slipping
the cape onto the form. I cant understand why anyone would set
there eyes before applying the cape. I use a short incision on
all mounts & set the eyes AFTER the cape is on the form. Why on
earth would you do it before?

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geeze Jeff, It's a matter of choice...

This response submitted by Craig on 3/16/00. ( ctracker@rochester.rr.com )

Why do you do it the way you do it? I personally like to set my eyes and place my clay work in prior to the pulling of the cape over the form. It's wet critter clay and shapes real nice after a couple of hours. Some taxidermists sculpt the eyes in two part epoxy. Whether you do it before or after what's the difference if it works and you get a respectable looking eye when you are done.

i agree craig

This response submitted by craig on 3/17/00. ( )

i agree with craig,i used to be the same as jeff,but have found it easier to set the eyes first,but that i personally think comes with practice.CRAIG THE SECOND LOL

it works

This response submitted by gary on 3/17/00. ( buxtax@teleport.com )

I bought the tool in question and all I can say is it works great .
Now as far as far as wether you set your eyes before or after you pull
the cape on is a matter of personal opinion .

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