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Submitted by Joe J on 3/17/00. ( )

Ok, please don't eat me out here but I conducted a search and didn't find my answer in the archives. It seems this may have already been covered before but I'm fairly new to the Forums and haven't seen it. I usually like to "finish" my jawsets before installing them. I jazz up the stain on the teeth etc. to make them as realistic as possible however when I paint the inner gums and lips (airbrush)I sometimes get overspray on the "finished" jawset. I don't mind blending the color where the sculpt-all meets but when I try to remove overspray from the teeth and other parts of the jawset, I end up messing up the parts I've already finished. I paint with lacquer but if I use a solvent to clean up overspray, whether thinner or water, it will still mess with the other colors already added. Any suggestions on what other people do. My main problem is over spray on the teeth. Would sealing teh jawset before installing allow me to wipe off overspray with a solvent later without messing up undercoat? Thanks guys- I love this forum stuff.

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Eat you?

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I won't "Eat you out" because you are not my type..

But, to answer your question.. I always install the jawsets then paint in the inner gums etc. and leave the teeth painting (staining)
till last. I have found it is easier to clean up the over spray before putting the final touches on the jaw set.

Do what to you???

This response submitted by Ken Darville on 3/17/00. ( )

You didnt say wether you were using a custom cast or commercial jawset though I will assume that you are using a commercial one. I rarely have this problem any more but I remember it well. I can tell you a trick that works for me (although I cast my own Jawsets from clearcast or polyester resin with which this method works perfectly). Force yourself to put down the airbrush and try precoloring clear cast in very small amounts and blending around the teethwith a small artist brush. It takes some practice but believe me it produces competition quality results. I regularly do it to blend lip lines, septums, and yes, even around the teeth, with no overspray problems. If you decide to try it, e-mail me and let me know how it turned out. I think you will be amazed...seamless!!! Visit my website by clicking on Still Life Taxidermy at Taxidermists Websites for Georgia on the Take care...Ken


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I figure I will through my 2 cents in too I personally don't finish the jaws till after painting, because of the over spray involved, and by doing it it helps to blend the colors better I use a stain in all my open mouths that gives such a real look thats hard to beat, if you don't buy a mask for your teeth to keep over spray off the cheapest and easiest way I've found is to heat up a little vasoline and apply it to the teeth with a paint brush before spraying and afterward just wipe it off with a paper towel and and do the little paint tuoch up from there buy hand where the vasoline may have kept the paint from addhering. Make sure that you clean the vasoline off the teeth before you do any staining. Hope this helps.


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