Ram Horns

Submitted by Dave on 3/25/00. ( )

Just want to know if there is any special way to boil a ram horn set on the skull cap. Are they like antelope horns where you have to remove a core. Thank You.

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You need to remove the horn from the core.

This response submitted by Todd B on 3/25/00. ( trigger@indy.net )

I have done a couple of rams and the horns need to be removed. I made a mistake
on my first one though. I put it in a bag and left it outside for
about 4 months. The horns came off alright but the smell was awful.
And I could not get rid of the smell , It is like it is permanently
embedded in the horn and skull cap. So I would suggest just bag it up and set it out
for a couple of days and then see if you can remove them. Good luck
Todd B

Ram horns

This response submitted by Dino on 3/26/00. ( DinosTaxidermy@cs.com )

What I do is drill a hole through the skull into the horn, then pour boiling hot water over it and bag both sides. Let this set for a couple days and they should pull right off with a little work.


This response submitted by Betty Freeman on 3/26/00. ( day1dreamr@aol.com )

We soak our ram horns outside in a large barrel, fill with water.
We check them about every two weeks to see if they have slipped. Once they slipped take them out and wash them them off with the water hose, them soak them in borax powder and water for a few days. you may have to change the water once if the ordor is strong, but the borax will do the trick. Take the skull out 3 day's before you do the horn's and let them dry. This process work's every time for us.

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