Nilgai horns came apart

Submitted by Robert on 3/27/00. ( )

I recieved three Nilgai in, all in about two weeks time.
As with any other set of horns I placed them in the same 5 gal bucket of water to let them rot a little so I could get them off of the core. When I pulled them out of the water, one set had started to come apart about midway as if in layers.Any suggestions on why this occured and how I'm going to fix it?

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Same Thing Happened on Blackbuck

This response submitted by Thomas on 3/28/00. ( )

I had the same thing happen to me and I've changed from soaking them off to placing them in a plastic bag and letting them get ripe before I attempt to pull them loose. I believe the water is what makes it do that. Just what I've concluded. Hope it helps! Thomas
Also, when mine dried, the seperation closed up on the horns.

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