Antelope troubles

Submitted by Todd on 3/30/00. ( )

Have a pair of antelope horns that have been in the freezer from last
october that I cant get seperated from the skull to clean. Does anybody
have any tricks to try?

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nuke em

This response submitted by kato on 3/30/00. ( )

Have seen this done w/fresh antelope dont know if it will work w/ones
that have been frozen. If you have an old microwave try nukin em on
high for about 20 sec, take em out & give em a little twist/pull.
if notloosening return to the microwave for only 10 seconds at a time
repeating twist/pull between heatings.w/fresh ones it only takes
about 2 to 3 tries. hope this helps let me know if you try it and how
it works. good luck,Kevin

antelope horns

This response submitted by rob on 3/30/00. ( )

Try soaking them in water for an hour or so then put in a plastic bag sealed up for a few days. Then pull them out and run a knife between the horn and the core and soak in water again. Put in the bag again, and leave for about a week. The should come right off. If not repeat the process. I usually do this as sonn as I cape an antelope and the horns come right off in a few days. I don't like the microwave method because if your not careful you can blister the horns. Hope this helps. Rob

Microwave/Blistered horns

This response submitted by Jim Kasik on 4/6/00. ( )

I have been using the microwave for a few years now. The reason you blister the horns is because the moisture inside the horns turns to steam and expands. You need to allow the steam to escape. I drill a 1/4" hole into the back of the horn into the hollow part of the horn. This is about midway up on the horn. I then microwave on high for 2 1/2 or 3 minutes. Watch out they will be very hot. They pull right off of the cores. After mounting fill the hole with epoxy sculpt, black and browm mixture.

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