open mouth

Submitted by Duane.A on 3/21/00. ( )

Hi I'm doing A open mouth on A whitetail deer and need to know if I can use A wet tan or do I need to use A dry tan. if I can use A wet tan can I use supper glue for the mouth. This is my first open mouth. so any help would be greatly appreciated THANKS

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Super Glue

This response submitted by Aaron on 3/21/00. ( )

Duane, I use a wet tan on my hides(Rhinehart Tanning cream) and super glue works great for holding the lip skin in the mouth. Use a combo of super gluing it in and holding it with pins for a couple of days. Good luck!!!

No problem

This response submitted by Ken on 3/21/00. ( )

I do nothing but wet tan and do several open mouth deer each year. In fact, I did one yesterday...the new Joe Meder Flehming buck from Tom Powell Supply (if you guys havent mounted on a Joe Meder form yet, you have got to try it...a little tight in the shoulder for a southern whitetail, but the struggle is worth the results). Super glue at the lipline holds just fine on a wet tan.

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