yellow skull

Submitted by JJ on 3/27/00. ( )

I did a beautiful Eoropean mount for a client. He was very pleased. However he recently noticed yellowing in the face area area. I boiled with sal-soda, then used drug store peroxide. Same as all my deer skulls. never had this problem. What did I do wrong, can it be fixed

Client said it is slight and is not concerned, unless it gets worse. But I want it right. I shoud mention that the skull sat in his shed for weeks in 60 degree weather before he decided to spend the ninety bucks. It was pretty ripe.

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This response submitted by Frank on 3/27/00. ( )

You can take the skull and paint it bass belly white. It matches the bone color real good. After you paint it seal it with a satin finish. Your troubles should be taken care of.


This response submitted by al on 3/27/00. ( )

you mentioned that you used drug store peroxide... If this is the stuff you put on cuts and things its the wrong one..

the kind you what to use is the hair dresser
grade. It comes in different volumes_15%,20%,
40% etc.. I use 20% . Mix this with powder
developer to form a patse and brush on skull.
this paste will usally dry in 1/2 hour. brush
it off check the results. not white enough for you just re-apply until it is. you can use a hair dryer set on hot to speed up this processs. The 20% peroxide and powder devloper are all available at beauty supply
Using paint very lightly will work also sometimes.. just wanted to clarify which peroxide you were using.
one more thing this stuff is nasty, so becarefull ... it can burn your skin !!!
good luck al

Whiter white

This response submitted by Karen on 3/28/00. ( )

I use 40% with developer and then wrap in syran wrap
overnight. This keeps the peroxide working longer. It doesn't work after it is dry. Next morning I take to the car wash and
use soap and pressure wash it. When it dries it is pure
white. Be careful that you don't get this 40% on the
antlers, as it will bleach them too. It will also make a
good burn on your skin. I also clear coat them with a
non yellowing acrylic after they are completely dry. Could be that your customer
smokes and that is what is causing the discoloration.
Good luck.

JJ 3% will work fine.

This response submitted by John C on 3/28/00. ( )

How long did you leave it in the 3%?

Not long enough, with the use of 3% it may take a few days to whiten the skull. Then a few hours in the sun to finish it off. I have a bear skull I did with 3% just to see what would happen. 5 days was needed to whiten it to my standards, it to went through the degreasing, both mineral spirits and SUPER SOLVENT. I also maggot cleaned this skull last summer, then gave it a 10 minute bath @ 170 degree F. with sal soda, to pull as much grease out as possible. JOhn C

Degrease it Better!!

This response submitted by Dwight C. on 4/13/00. ( )

Your real problem is not properly degreasing the skull. All the sugesstions about using the higher grades of peroxide are true but be fore using any peroxide you first need to soak the skull in lacquer thinner for at least 10 hours, this will draw out the oil in the skull, then use the higher grade of peroxide. The yellow you are seeing is oil still in the skull, and with oil in the skull the peroxide will not be as effective. I clean skulls taxidermist and tell you laquer thinner is the trick that works. Goodluck!!

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