Submitted by PSE141 on 3/30/00. ( PSE141@YAHOO.COM )

I have a question about the off wall pedastal mounts. For a W.T. deer
when stapling the hide around the back should I wrap the hide all the
way to the plywood or will the foam behind the shoulder if stapled hold
it in place. Im wondering because it seem like the plywood on the back
is small and the hide would realy bunch up if I tryed to staple it
all around the back.


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This response submitted by Sean F on 3/30/00. ( )

You might look around the the forum for info. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking but you can find some good info on this subject in the archives.Hope this helps!

Another Question

This response submitted by pse141 on 3/31/00. ( PSE141@YAHOO.COM )

Thanks for all the help but i wonder after you let the hide dry
and trim it before felting the back. Should I worry about shrinkage
from the form were it is only glued or would a row of brads along the
edge work along with the glue.

Thanks again

Pedestal Mount

This response submitted by Angelo on 3/31/00. ( )

I have a video I think it's by Matsuka Taxidermy. This wasn't a pedestal
but he lined the back of the form to give it a finished look. He took
a flat sheet of cork traced the size he needed to fit the
back of the form and cut it out. He then used glue to stick the backing
onto the form. Then before it dried he trimed off about a 1/2" of the backing
to form a groove between the cork and the edge of the form.
He then folded the skin over into that groove and stapled
it with a power stapler, I guess brads would be just as good.
He staples it right into the foam without glue through from the skin side so that the
hair doesn't get matted down. It gave it a nice even finish where the skin and
cork meet. As for the glue I don't remeber if he used contact cement or spray on
like Quick stick 3M.
Hope this helps a little.


This response submitted by Sean on 4/1/00. ( )

I first put bondo around the edge as suggested here some time ago. Then I use epoxie around the edge that is intended to be cut off. As a safety measure I also put some brads in around that same edge.

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