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Gentleman, I am attempting to mount my first pronghorn. I purchased a coombs form for the project.The first thing I noticed when setting the antler plate was the eye orbits do not match up. The form is 3/8 of an inch wider than the the skull plate on each side. I know this can't be right. Do I need to cut a wedge out of the head until they lineup correctily? Or should I purchase a different form. Any Help would be greatily appreciated.

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I would say that what you have is probably correct!
If you measured correctly an ordered the proper form, then
don't make major changes.
I do a couple dozen pronghorn a year and the situation you are describing sounds about right, you have to remember that you
will be rebuilding the upper brow between the eye socket and the horn base with clay.
I am not familiar with the coombs forms but here is my basic procedure.
Set the skull plate, centering on the mannikin and rebuild rear of head and fleshy area behind eye socket with mache'.
Replace horn sheaths, I use bondo- but use what you want for binding them to the core,,; and then set eyes.
Put clay in back of eyes and set into form, press firmly against for(I assume that the form has pre-set orbits). To finish eye set make a 3/8" roll of clay and place on outer edge of upper eye orbit, feathering onto skull plate at top and front and back; this repaces the muscle and tissue of the upper brow, bringing it out to approximately the same distance as the sculpted lower eye orbit.
Make a 1/8" roll of clay to blend lower eye to form, use referenceto check eye shape!
Make a small roll of clay and taper the front to a sharp point, with the back about a 1/4", this is your upper eyelid; flatten this piece to about 1/8" thick, maintaining the point and the width at the back.
Using reference to check the shape, set this piece on the top of the eye, just under the recreated brow.
Now make another tapered roll of clay, about the same as you used for the upper lid- just a little longer, and place this on top of the eye lid, between the upper brow and lid. This piece starts on the form, just at the front of the front corner of the eye, and follows the line
between the two previous pieces to the rear corner.
I also build up clay out flush with the lower edge of the horn, this allows me to press the skin into clay when mounting, for a nice transition from horn to skin.
Good luck.

go to McKennzie...

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go to there web sight and look around for a while I saw a spot in there that shows you how to do a Prong horn. I can't remember where it was in there but it was a lot of help for a buddy of mine.

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