Help re: Air Compressor

Submitted by Michael on 2/9/01. ( )

I am on a pretty tight budget as one who is a hobby taxidermist. I have an opportunity to purchase brand new a DeVilbiss 120v air compressor for $179.00. It is a 3 gallon tank and produces 4.5cfm@40psi and 3.0 cfm @ 90psi. I intend to use it to power a mini flesher and to do spray paint work on my mounts. Will this do an adequate job? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you don`t care

This response submitted by steve on 2/9/01. ( )

Michael if you don`t care if it runs all the time you are using your mini flesher ,the tank isn`t big enough to hold any volume and you will have to stop a lot and wait for it to caught up,sorry for the bad news,get one that has a larger volume tank so you want be waiting on it to caught up. good luck steve

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 2/9/01. ( )

Depends on what brand you like. for the same money, you could get a campbell hausfield with a 9 or 10 gallon tank(just guessing). either would work, but the bigger tank will allow for more spraying with less compressor noise.
The Devilbliss might be more heavy duty though.

Regardless, consider the noise factor--especially if you must work in the same room as the compressor---loudness get annoying after a while.

Good Luck


Compressor size

This response submitted by CHUCK on 2/9/01. ( )

Michael,I use an air mini flesher -I power it with a coleman powermate compressor that is a 5 hp and 29 gallon tank,this combination works just fine.If I could change one thing it would definitely be the noise-direct drives are a bit loud.

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