Where did I go Wrong in Staining Antlers

Submitted by Turkeyman5 on 2/7/01. ( Turkeyman5@excite.com )

I found a White Tail 8 point rack in the Turkey Woods this past spring.
The Squirles and field rats had chewed them up pretty good but not to the point that they couldn't be repaired. So I used Epoxy sculp and rebuilt everything that those little critters chewed. I then sanded everything down Flush. Used Acetone to whipe all grease and oil from the rack. Then I used Minwax Walnut stain. The part of the rack that didnot have epoxy sculp on it turned out Okay, but the epoxy did not want to take the stain. I was told by a Taxidermist at WASSCO Taxidermy supply....That Epoxy Sculp was the best thing to use to repair antlers and that it would take a Good Stain. Where Did I Go Wrong? Was there something else I was supposed to do other than what I described above? Any Suggestions will be Greatly appreciated


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I cannot get it to take stain either

This response submitted by John C on 2/7/01. ( )

I have found that sealing them with a ivory colored paint, 4,0 steel wool and then stain works the best. This way you have one solid color under the stain and its uniform then. JC

Epoxy WILL NOT take stain

This response submitted by George on 2/9/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Using the scenario you cited, you should have stained the antlers BEFORE you filled the voids. Then when you do,take paint and tint the expoxy to match your antlers. I have friend who use dirt to give it the similar colors, but I like the water based paints. I use my finger and tint it to as close as I can. Once dry, it becomes a part of the epoxy.

cast all

This response submitted by Elmer on 2/9/01. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

Thanks George I,ll try that next time. Since the guys at the top have already done the sculpt all part what I do is mix cast all and smooth it on the sculpt all, when it starts to set use a tool and put in the texture and blood lines and blend the areas when dry about ten minutes this area can be sanded and will now take stain Hope this helps.

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