end of stich not coming to gether

Submitted by red on 2/11/01. ( )

When I was sewing up the whitetail at the end,the hide would not come together can any one tell me what i can do to prevent this.I have heard of having to split the briskit but don't know how to do. thanx in advance!

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This response submitted by joe j on 2/11/01. ( )

Your post wasn't too specific, but I'm assuming you were sewing a cape that was split all the way down the back. If this was the case, you may have had cape pulled too far down the shoulders. The skin that should have been further up the neck, and which is smaller in diameter, is now pulled toward back of form. That is a possible rreason why cape woun't pull togther. Solution, taxi cape back up form and keep sewing. Another way to check is to align hair patterns on brisket in correct place that way you know where rest of cape is supposed to fit.

Joe is right.

This response submitted by Tim on 2/11/01. ( ppd701@iname.com )

Most of the time when the last few inches is the only part of the cut that will not come together, taxing the skin back up the neck is the answer. I have heard of cutting a "V" shaped piece out of an unused portion of the cape and sewing this into the back where it will not come together. I have never done this myself, but other than possible hair match problems, the logic seems sound.


This response submitted by red on 2/12/01. ( )

Well thats what i did tim sewed a left over piece in it turned out fine but what i don't understand is,it was a upright form and every thing on neck and rest of form fit perfectly nice and snug.When i tryed to pull cape up it still wouldn't com together and would just wrinkle up.Well this was my 1st whitetail mount mabe I'll have better luck on number 2 thanx for all the help I really appriciate it!

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