I need a plaque for horns and a picture

Submitted by Terry on 2/12/01. ( birdmanterry@aol.com )

I have a customer who wants a plaque to mount a set of antlers. He also wants to put a picture of the buck on the plaque. Does anyone know where I can get a plaque like this.

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Touchstone has them

This response submitted by Patrick D. Rabine on 2/12/01. ( pr338@hotmail.com )

They have them for $22.50 with everything that you need.You can call them it is called deluxe antler mounting kit with picture frame.It is on page39 of their catloge.The number for Touchstone is
1-800-256-4800 .Ask them to send you a catloge too.They have some cool stuff that I can't find in any other catlog.Hope that this helped.

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