ear drumming

Submitted by JEM on 2/13/01. ( morleyj@ultimatetechnology.com )

Thanks to this excellent site I have hopefully ended my ear drumming problems. I now use 5 min. epoxy with great results so far.

Here is the question - I have an elk that I mounted last year (my own, thank god) that during the drying process started drumming. Since then the ears have totally drummed. I have two ideas on how to fix and want feedback. 1) rehydrate the inner ear, totally remove the ear skin by cutting close to the edge, stretch the skin, coat the liner with 5 min epoxy and put skin in place, feather in the line with epoxy and paint. 2) rehydrate the skin and use some type of injectable glue (open for ideas) - my concern with this option is that the whole ear is drummed and will this meathod work for this large of an area.
Good news is this is my first elk and my own not a customers - I used liners that are not like those I use for my deer heads. My deer heads in the past have had minor drumming (size of a quarter or less)on occasion which were easily fixed with jaw juice.

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Drumming repair!

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip adhesives on 2/13/01. ( nsc@netrus.net )


Yes you can repair the drummed areas by rehydrating and injecting. You will have to card the ears once they are injected. We make a good injectable for this purpose for making repairs. It also is excellent for many other applications. If we can help call us at 800-888-2467.

Drumming inject them

This response submitted by Elmer on 2/13/01. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

Jem you are on the right track rehydrate don,t cut the ear hide. Get some of the injectable epoxey that Steve mentioned lay the elk so the epoxey will not drain out and inject it then card and staple the ear that injectable epoxey is good stuff it will take care of you r problem provided your ears are turned all the way and your earliners fit properly. I used it on a whitetail and it locked em up.

Cut it

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 2/19/01. ( bigjims@adelphia.net )

I always cut drummed areas then glue them down with epoxy. It is then a very simple matter to cover the areas with sculpting epoxy. I learned this from a world champion when I was a beginner at competing. I had drumming and did not know what to do. To my shock he showed me how to cut and glue, and told me he had done this on many competition mounts himself. I now use epoxies to do my ears and drumming is virtually eliminated, but whne I need a fix I still do it this way. I believe it is a heck of alot simpler, and only takes ten minutes of your time.

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