miniflesher vs wildboar

Submitted by jesseh on 2/19/01. ( )

i have two wild boar hides i intend to mount and therefore need to be fleshed and skinned. i do not have a fleshing machine,only a miniflesher. i was wandering if anybody had ever used a miniflesher on a boar and if this is possible.

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This response submitted by Kenneth on 2/19/01. ( )

I used to use a mini-flesher years ago. I did manage to flesh a few hogs with one. It is a fat-slinging mess, but it will accomplish the job. You will need to use a fleshing knife for the shield. Good Luck and make sure to use some plastic coverals that are disposable. Cover up anything you don't what greasy.

miniflesher beats boar

This response submitted by dan on 2/19/01. ( )

miniflesher will work on boar but you you had better have a lot of extra time to spend .used mine one season on a large cow and a bear then put it on a shelf and bought a Dakota lots of luck

Don't waste your time

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 2/20/01. ( )

Jess, teh mini-flesher will work but you will be an old man by the time it is done. A regular electric knife does a great job on the sheild, and the rest is easily and quickily scraped off like hot butter with a curriers knife (two handled fleshing knife). I bought a mini flesher years ago and I feel it was a waste of $$. I am much quicker by hand.


This response submitted by michael s. on 2/26/01. ( )

Rinehart taxidermy has an excellent video on mounting and fleshing wild boar, it shows how to flesh and remove the shield in approx. 30 minutes with a curriers knife lot faster than a mini flesher,still messy any way you look at it..

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