Rust spots on dall sheep

Submitted by Dennis on 4/2/01. ( )

Just wanted to pass along a nice item I found. I have been trying to bleach out rust spots caused be stainless steel nails,(the do rust!), Anyway, I tried bleaching, dying, you name it to get rust out of hair. Found a product at Ace Hardware call Whisk Rust remover. Its for fabrics, it took all the stains out without a hitch. Great stuff. hair is fine. Later.

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Oxalyic (Ethandioic) acid or "The Works"

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 4/4/01. ( )

There is a product on the market that is sold as a drain cleaner, but is actually a weak hydrochloric acid solution. It is called "The Works", and is found in Target and other stores. It will make rust disappear like magic. Cost is around $1.00 per liter. Use sparingly and flush repeatedly with distilled water. Should not harm hair or skin unless it has been treated with a chlorine or metal based insect repellent. Test hidden area before applying to spots! Oxalic acid is base for many commercial products. Van Dykes # BF 5132.....$5.99 a pound. Again, rinse and re-rinse is important key to long term cure without spotting. Wear gloves and a jock strap while using.

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