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Submitted by tvespie@provident-bank.com on 4/5/01. ( tvespie@priovident-bank.com )

I am fairly new at taxidermy and have successfully mounted five whitetail dear heads. Each time I get better and better. The thing I hate most is splitting the lips and nose areas. Is it neessary to split the lip and nose area before I place the cape in my pickling solution? And is it necessary to remove all the meat from those areas before pickling? I would like to be able to do this after I have pickled the cape abd begin fleshing the hide with my miniflesher. Is this a good idea?

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This response submitted by John M. on 4/5/01. ( madtax3@frontiernet.net )

Yes, it is important that you split lips, eyes, nose before you put in pickel. But first you should salt the capes and dry them out completely. That's the purpose for spliting everything, so the salt can get in and remove all the moisture so it doesn't spoil. After it has dried, then rehydrate and put in the pickel.

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John M.


This response submitted by don on 4/5/01. ( patentax@aol.com )

john gave you some good advice! you must split the lips eyelids and turn the ears and salt the cape. the salt removes fluids from the skin that will cause hair slip if not removed. after salting the drying of the skin prepares it to soak in the pickle. if you had moisture in the skin the pickle will not penetrate. bruce Rittel advised to dry the hides completely before the pickle and tanning. the man owns and operates a very succesfull tannery and following his advice i have never had problems with any hairslip on any skin.

lips ect

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Should A person do face work first then salt or vise versa?I am a beginer will the salt penatrate the eyes if you dont turn them before you salt I have a deer cape in salt as i write this eyes are not split rest is done. didnt seem like a big deal ,been wrong before hope im not now? I also use a mini flesher after salt drying thanks

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