Submitted by Slim on 4/7/01. ( )

I'm doing a european mount for a custemer and I can't get the grease out of the boar skull. I have boiled the skull numerous times but it is still greasy. Should I try painting it if so what kind of paint do I use. Any help will be appreciated.

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have you?

This response submitted by Rob on 4/7/01. ( )

Have you tried to degrease it with dish soap or 409 ? Boiling only gets the meat off then when you pull the skull out of the water you pull it through the greese on top of the water and thats why it is still oily.

Hope this helps. Rob


This response submitted by Skull Master on 4/8/01. ( )

As a professional cleaner of skulls I use acetone, which is a little expensive but gets the job done, or you could use ammonia which can be purchased quite cheap at a grocery store. The dish soap method is also effective, if you use like dawn soap. Over boiling isn't very good on skulls and can cause the skull to fall apart and become brittle and chalky. What are you using to whiten the skull. Hope my information helps you and others. Skull Master

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