polar bear skull, 26 8/16, b&c book?

Submitted by skullery on 4/9/01. ( skullery77@hotmail.com )

I do alot of skullmounts and just got done doing a polar bear and scored it myself with calipers, I've done alot of them before so i do know how to score them . Anyway, i was so impressed by the size of this skull i was wondering if anyone out there has an idea if this would make book. Anyone know what the world record is for a polar bear. Just curious and appreciate any response. Thank you. Skullery

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just short

This response submitted by Perry on 4/10/01. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

Minimum for B&C is 27. World Record is 29 15/16

Safari Club Int'l

This response submitted by T.Baker on 4/18/01. ( tbaker@porterville.k12.ca.us )

SCI has a minimum of 26.

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