Muskox question

Submitted by Mark on 4/10/01. ( )

I just took in a muskox to shoulder mount, I have been in business for ten years and this is my first one, I have no questions with mounting it but I need to know how to cut the skull, currently it is european cut below the eye sockets. Bieng that it is a curved horn I am assuming that you cannot boil the horns off, and that i need to boil them enough to remmove the meat inside any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Muskox answer

This response submitted by Dean on 4/11/01. ( )

I just finished four life-size mukox. Here is the way I do it. Boil the skulls. Horns will not come off the cores. Clean out tissue under the boss of the horn and on skull. Then I soak the whole thing in a formic acid bath for a couple hours. Other pickling solution should work also. Neuterize in baking soda and water. Let skull dry. Take some insecticide powder (Ortho) from a garden store, or use trophy care spray from one of the suppiy companies. Shake or spray it under the boss of the horn. Seal the horn and core junction with silicone caulk. Make sure it is worked in good so it is all sealed. Last part is to use a sawzall to get in between things and slowly trim off the skull to fit the form. As you screw things down use a few long 6-8inch screws, along with a long drill bit and driver bit. Run these screws down between the boss. It really helps lock the horns down nice and tight. Fitting the hide tight to the horns can be a treat. Use a good epoxy adhesive there. Cape Buffalo is the same way only you're not spitting hair. Good luck. any other questions you can Email me--

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