Submitted by Wayne on 4/16/01. ( )

I am attempting my first open mouth mount on a coyote and the jawset I purchased from Mohr is plastic ( I was expecting wax) fits fine in the precut form I bought from Rinehart except for the fact that the precut areas in the mouth are to deep or recessed for the jawset to fit right. Should this area be filled with critter clay or what? Also will an epoxy or hot melt glue be used to secure the jawset to the clay? The open mouth video I purchased did not adress these problems.
Thanks for your help.

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Just an idea

This response submitted by Sid on 4/30/01. ( sidstuff@att.net )

Wayne, If you use a clay or some other filler to close in the gap, I would use bondo myself to adhere it to the form. Just an idea, I'm sure there are a thousand different ways to do this. And as long ago as this was posted, you have probably tried something by now. Good luck. I usually use the bondo also for filling sometimes if the gap isn't too great. Just remember to sand the jawset on the gluing side first, just in case there is still some casting wax still on it.

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