Elk Mouth

Submitted by Sid on 4/20/01. ( sidstuff@att.net )

Help meeee! I am doing my first open mouth, bugling elk. I have just started fleshing and tanning the hide. What I want to know is, how much of the fleshy part do I save for the inside of the mouth? I know there's a name for that funny stuff inside there, but at the moment, it escapes me. I really want this elk to be as good as he can be. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Are there any good sites that anyone knows of for reference photos of elk? Thanks again!

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It's called papillae.

This response submitted by Brandon on 4/20/01. ( laughlinb87@yahoo.com )

You can get it from Van Dykes.


This response submitted by I know whats best on 4/20/01. ( WHAT IS THE BEST? )

I some how screwed up `another deer hide who can tell me who is the guy with the best advise on how to best flesh a face of a whitetail deer/ I just keep cuttin it up here and there to bad to hide what do i do GOTTA GO they wrote it not me ]

Supre glue

This response submitted by TJ. on 4/21/01. ( )

The best thing to do with that mouth is cut it right up aginst the teeth when you are first skining the animal. Then as you are mounting the mouth take some Lock tite gel super glue. You can get it from Wal Mart. Take and glue the skin right along the ntural gum line just inside the mouth. Let the mount dry and then trim the skin. Then blened the skin and the Papiela together with majuic scalp. I nolonger us pins aroud the mouth when I mount an open mouth. The Super Glue Gel is alot faster.
faster.I do most of my painting and mouth work before I glue the bottom part of the mouth pice on the manikin

Thanks y'all

This response submitted by Sid on 4/22/01. ( sidstuff@att.net )

Thanks for the advice. What I'm wondering is if I order the papillae and take the extra time to put it in the mouth, is it really worth it? Will it be something that will ever been seen at all? The super glue idea sounds good, but I'm hesitant to try it on something other than my own mounts. I'd hate to get into it and find out its a hairball on a customers mount. But thanks for the ideas! I am also hoping that the measurements I got off this elk are correct, since it was skinned in the field. I am especially worried about the eye to nose measurements, because it was skinned. Thanks for any notes on this too!


This response submitted by Michael s on 4/24/01. ( )

measuring the cape itself.do not stretch the cape when doing this, you can get a good neck measurement and a fairly accurate eye to nose measurement this way. be careful, it is always better to wind up with a form that is slightly smaller than one that is to big, you can compare your measurements with the ones you already have and take it from there, test fit the cape first, before altering the mannikin, this way if it is the wrong size you can send it back.

fleshing whitetail face

This response submitted by red on 4/26/01. ( )

Get a old baseball bat use the top of bat the one that is shaped like a light bulb kinda.Stick that part of bat on hair side of face take scapel or skife knife and start shaving carefully.If useing scaple press down on skin hair side to bat skin side up turn scaple at a 45 degree angle sharp side of blade toward's you as your pulling scaple toward's you don,t pull straight if your right handed pull scaple down toward's you and to the right if left hande do oppisit..Remember take your time at first and don't press to hard take just a little bit of flesh at a time untill you get the hang of it.THis is how i flesh al my noses,eyes,lips,and cheeks paper thin. good-luck


This response submitted by Sid on 4/28/01. ( sidstuff@att.net )

Thanks Michael. I hope I have all the measurements right. And "Red" thanks for the idea with the baseball bat. I am going to give it try!

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