spanish goat

Submitted by charles on 4/30/01. ( )

I have a question regarding the cape of spanish goats. upon skinning the cape there was very little room between the horns so the amount of skin is very tight. my question is, how is that all pulled together to create a good natural look? also the op of its head has very little hair and it looks bald but im not sure, does that require any special handling, i.e. apoxie sculpt, clay, painting?thanks!

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This response submitted by George on 4/30/01. ( )

Many of the horned game have this same problem. Wait till you see a Dall Sheep or a Cape Buffalo. Best advice is not to stretch this skin. I nail the hide in place on the front, lay a good glue down on the strip, and then tack the back wedge up under the horns. This allows you to spread the strip out to cover the gap. When it dries, I use clear RTV silicone rubber. I squeeze a bead in, cut hair on the back side of the back panel and transplant it to cover any gaps or bald spots. Larry Blomquist has a great article on the worst case scenario of this in the newest Breakthrough magazine.

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