Ok Judges ?

Submitted by J. on 4/30/01. ( )

I will be competing with a Pronghorn and am wondering if I should do anything with the horns. I have read where some guys put a linseed oil/turpentine finish on them, some paint them, what is the proper protocol for competition pronghorns?

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Do what you like

This response submitted by TDR on 5/1/01. ( troydeanrose@earthlink.net )


The only thing I do not like to see with antelope horns is when they are too shinny; glossy or wet look. Or too black; monotone in color. Antelope horns tend to have a dry look for the most part. Good luck.


goat horns

This response submitted by joe on 5/4/01. ( )

paint them with a semi-black water base paint. no gloss. leave the ivory tips alone.

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