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Submitted by Darrell on 5/22/01. ( )

I have just gotten my form in for a boar mount with the measurements as follows:

Eye to nose --- 8 inches
Neck circum. --- 26 inches

These are the exact same measurements taken from the cape. My problem is that the form (Noonkaster) has a much larger nose than the real nose, I mean a good 1/2 inch all the way around. The form nose measures 4" x 3", the real nose is 3" x 2 1/4". Should I get a new form or try to cut the nose down? I'm scared that I will lose the detail if I cut it down. Any suggestions?

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This response submitted by Bill on 5/22/01. ( )

If you're concerned about detail,you can always lose the real nose and cut the one off of the form and use a cast nose. I think you'll be pleased with the end result.


This response submitted by William on 5/22/01. ( )

Darrell, try Noonkester's artificial nose. It has great detail and is much easier to work with compared to the real skin. Just put the art. nose up to the form nose, make a mark and cut it off. Then bondo the cast nose on and your ready to go. If there is any size difference just fill it in with clay. I use superglue to glue the skin onto the cast nose, then where the skin butts to the cast nose use apoxie sculpt to blend in, I use a brass brush to pull the hair out of the apoxie sculpt, this also ruffs it up to give it a lifelike look. This is what works for me, Try it and i think you will like the end results.

Best of wishes,

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