Need some information please.

Submitted by Jeff on 5/23/01. ( )

I'm in need of a supplier with various Eland forms and eyes. Also can anyone suggest a good set of Eland ref. photos. This will be the first African mount I've done....any advice? Thanks in advance

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Thing big...

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 5/24/01. ( )

Eland forms are available from most supply houses. I don't know the orgin of your cape (other than it must have come from a dead Some capes from African hunting preserves are chewed up along the dorsal side of the neck and around the ear bases due to massive tick infestation, which results in hair loss at the site(s). Since the bulk of this is hidden from sight in the finished and hanging mount, it does not present a problem, as long as you point that out to the customer beforehand. Contact me and I will give you an order number and contact for a good shoulder mount form.....

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