Axis buck velvet removal?

Submitted by Audrey McClaugherty on 5/16/01. ( )

I have a axis rack, that I tryed to preserve it didn't work, so I need directions of the best way to remove the velvet, I've search the archives and I can't find a exact answer to my question. thanks

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It's there.

This response submitted by George on 5/16/01. ( )

I think it might be under "caribou velvet", but to cut to the chase, tie a rope around it and throw them in the pond for a few weeks. Hose them off and hang to dry.

Try this.......

This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 5/21/01. ( )

Have used this method with good sucess. Same principal as Georges, just not as drastic. Get yourself a good sized trash can or drum with a sealable lid. Fill the drum with water & place the antlers in.
You may have to saw the skull cap in half if they wont fit. I use a V cut. Make sure all the velvet is submerged. Let them sit for about a week & check. Bacteria will start growing in the water & eat away the velvet. I use a wire brush & water to remove the little bit remaining. You will then need to stain the antlers as they will be bone white. You can use potassium permangante to do this. Good luck.

Try this

This response submitted by Tristan on 6/8/01. ( )

Hi there, I've had a lot of experience with whitetails in full velvet
and what I've done is put them in a frost free freezer for a month or
so, the frost free freezer will pull all the moisture out of the velvet
as well as the under developed horn underneath. All you have to do then
is peel the vevet off, it will come off in long strips. You can also
use this method to preserve the velvet on the horn.
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.

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