Cleaning a partial skull by boiling

Submitted by Laura on 6/30/01. ( )

I am boiling a partial skull with antlers and am needing to know what I can
put in the water to clean it well. Used some bleach, but didn't seem to do much.
Can someone please give me some ideas? It's my first deer and I don't want to ruin it.

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Already made first mistake

This response submitted by Mark C on 6/30/01. ( )

This is pretty well covered in the archives, but I've got a minute or two.
First of all, do not use bleach on your skulls. It will break down the bone and will leave the skull chalky. When I cook skulls,(notice I said cook not boil), I throw in a small handful of Tide and about the same of baking soda. If I'm doing bears, I also add some good degreaser.
After simmering for a few hours, the meat and cartilage will turn to jelly and will easily spray off with the garden hose. Dry your skull for a few days, soak overnight in a strong Peroxide and dry for a week in the sun. Then glue the teeth back into the jaw and you're done.
Hope this helps.

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