placement of earliners on forms with earbutts?

Submitted by dick on 6/3/01. ( )

Most headforms come with earbutts molded. These earbutts vary in height. I would like to know the proper placement of earliners[with butts] on these forms. Should they be placed directly on top of the butt, part way over or all the way over the butt? On some forms, placing the earliner on top of the butt looks completely out of proportion. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks Dick

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This response submitted by ROBERT J. CARROLL on 6/4/01. ( )

What kind of forms are you using? When you get your antlers on the form sew up your skin the ear butts should always be right up against the antler burr. No matter if you are using ear liners or the ear base method. The ones I use don't have ear butts on the manikin I've never seen them like that, hope this helps you out. Good luck from L.O.T.


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 6/4/01. ( )

First off have good reference. Look at where the muscle meets the head. There is no way in heck that the ear butt muscle touches the antler burr. There is a space between them and the norm is a finger thickness. Breakthrough Magazine has plenty of good atricles on this and none of them shows you or tells you to place an earliner w/butts right against the burr. This will throw off your whole mount. You do need reference to see this action. Enough on that.

Now these days it seams each company has an earliner that goes with their form. Since we don't know for sure what company or earliners your using it can be a bit hard to help but follow a couple of rules or look at how the earliner look on the form. The best way is to contact them and have them suggest what earliner works best with their form and how it should be attached to them.

Looking at a form and checking out the ear pocket on them you should see where and how the ear starts out and then ends. Place your earliner on that spot. It should have a smooth flow from where the bottom of the ear that is on the form and it should flow nicely to the butt. You will and probably see that the ear liner goes above the skull plate a little. This is an area where there is muscle and needs to be built up with clay or mache.

Try this

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 6/4/01. ( )

You mentioned that a lot of these preset ear locations dont look quite right to you. That would have me believe that you have an idea where you DO think they should go! Use that knowledge to help you set them up. Try measuring a dead deer that you see on the road. I keep a couple heads in the freezer for this. Luckily I have live deer as well. You might have access to some, too. Measure them!

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